glee (gle) n.
1. great merriment {syn. hilarity};
2. malicious satisfaction {syn. gloat}

Erik and I stumbled across this new show on Fox tonight. When I say stumble, I do mean stumble. We, in general, do not watch tv. It's not that we have anything against the tv, its just that we choose not to make that a part of our nighttime activities. It's been years since we have had a "show" that we watched religously. Probably even before Ella was born. American Idol in its earliest years were a priority on Tuesday nights at our house, but that was a long time ago.

So tonight, as Erik sat nursing a sore back, I heard the beautiful sounds of show tunes coming from the playroom/family room. Only a trained ear like mine could detect the sounds of a professionally trained 4 to 6 part choir belting out "Somebody to Love" by Queen. There is nothing else on earth can bring out the inner nerd in me like a broadway procution or musical performance.

This new tv show is, by default, my NEW addiction. It's just wonderful. You can have your Grey's Anatomy, your House....I will take my nerdy Glee club anyday! Here's to the new season of Glee! May your ratings keep you around for years to come.

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