Simple Luxuries

Being away from home can sometimes surprise you with a few simple, unexpected luxuries. For example, yesterday the girls were taking a nap and instead of doing 2 loads of laundry, unloading and loading the dishwasher, starting dinner and paying bills, I grabbed the newest copy of US Weekly and read all about the gossip unfolding around Jon and Kate Plus 8. How could I justify such a selfish act you might ask? Well......

This is what I woke up to Monday morning. My mom, the girls and I left Sunday for a week at the beach! Just as it is every time we come, it is so relaxing and really just does something to your spirit. We spent the whole day in the sun, swimming and building sand castles. We spent a great deal of time gathering sea shells and both girls have completely acclimated to swimming in the ocean. They love it! I can't get over how comfortable they are. I have to admit that it is still rather intimidating to me.

I love the week that the girls and I spend with my mom. We always have such a fun time and we make memories that we laugh about for years to come. I just love my mom. She's the best!

Simple pleasures, right?

These girls enjoyed it, too:

For a special treat, we took the girls to get ice cream after we had dinner in the condo. Quick back story....last year we stumbled across a great little ice cream parlor in Perdido. Mom, Ella and I went in a got a cone with special toppings. Lucy, being allergic to milk, had never even noticed ice cream before. I had always just made sure to get her a kids cone filled with M&Ms. Well, this time she noticed. She screamed and screamed for ice cream. I felt like a dog and swore I would never go get ice cream in front of her again. Over the past year, Lucy has outgrown her allergy and can now eat ice cream. So last night we went to find that same ice cream parlor and wouldn't you know it was not there! We did find Bruster's though.

Placing their order for strawberry ice cream with sprinkles

Sweet Lucy finally enjoying ice cream at the beach!

This is my ice cream sundae. It is only 1 scoop--I promise!!!!

Apparently if we go back Thursday, we can get a banana split for half price.

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