Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

That is where we are right now. I've only been on this side of the coast a few times. It's a lot different from the shores at Gulf Shores, but it's nice. Erik's parents have a time share at this really neat resort. It's almost like a campground, but without the tents and campers. It's more like this neighborhood of several hundred cottages. Each cottage "group" has a pool, tennis courts and playground. We are only a mile bike ride from the beach. EVERYONE here rides a bike. It's really neat. I miss being able to see the ocean from the balcony, but there are some definate trade-offs here.

One, there are cousins here. 3 to be exact (which is a lot compared to the zero that we have back home.)

Two, there are alligators here. In our back yard. 10 feet from our patio. Seriously!

Three, Erik's parents and sisters are here. We've never taken a vacation with them, so that's pretty cool.

(this is Ella spotting dolphins)

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