Happy Birthday to Me!

Since I am the one that does the blogging around this house, I suppose its up to me to write about my own birthday.

It's 7:31 am. I have taken a shower and mopped the kitchen floor. I have a dust rag sitting beside me beckoning me to get busy dusting. In about an hour I will welcome a baby sitter and then head off to meet my mom in my preschool class to continue organizing and decorating. Ella and Lucy have gymnastics at 4 and then a party at the Ripley Water Park at 6.

Standard Operating Procedure once you become an adult with children. No sleeping late and getting breakfast in bed. No cupcake parties at school...although I could eat an entire birthday cake from Costco right now!I don't mind though. I have everything I could ever want. A wonderful husband who showered me with love this morning, an almost-6 year old who padded down the steps to crawl in my lap and tell me "Happy Birthday" with her stinky, but sweet, morning breath, a 3 year old who got wide-eyed and excited when I told her it was my birthday and a ton of friends who all sent me birthday wishes before I could even open my eyes this

morning. Life is Good. God is Good. My life is Great!

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