I'm a Survivor

I think that I have literally put in close to 80 hours getting my new preschool room ready over the past 2 weeks. That might not seem like much to you, but my teaching job is only part time. That means that I have already worked 4 weeks----and school has not even begun yet! Wow! I am tired.

My feet ache, my back hurts and I can't sleep at night due to my mind reeling with the next thing I have to do. But you know what? It's wonderful. I have had so much fun. The best part is that my mom has been right there with me the whole time. I think she is sort of sad it's over. We both love a project--and this has been one huge project!

I have to brag on Erik, too. Not only has he put in his fair share of hours at school, but he has basically been Mr. Mom this week. He has been wonderful! I could not have made it through this transition without him.

A shout-out to my dad, too! Thanks for building my "Reading Rodeo." It was a hit today at Orientation. --pictures to come.

So, time to get back in the swing of a "normal" life. I will eventually have to go to the grocery again and I think my house might need to be cleaned. I finished off the pile of ironing tonight and finally got around to putting all our clothes away. I will try to blog at least every other day and I might actually get around to reading the pile of magazines that have come in the past few weeks.

Random fact: I went to Wal Mart on Saturday of last week for the first time since July 10th. I think it might be a new lifetime record. Being on vacation, then sick and then at school for 2 weeks really took a toll on me ( and my family).

Random picture:

Ella and John Owen Hensley roughly 4 months old.

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