New Puppies

My Mom had wanted to get my Dad a new puppy for his November birthday. However, we searched and searched and never could find one. We were all so disappointed. My Dad had really been missing his dog since both Boomer and Max died within a year of each other. So my sweet Mom was determined to find him one for Christmas.

After much diligent searching, Mom and John Paul came home with these precious pups on December 18th. There was no way to keep the puppy a secret until Christmas so we staged our own little surprise. (Yes there are two puppies. When John Paul rode with Mom to get Dads' he just couldn't stand it. He had to have one too!)

Me, Erik and the girls arranged to be at their house right as John Paul was coming back from town with the dogs. Dad was upstairs exercising and we all tip-toed up there with the puppies in tow. Mom cracked open the door and let the puppies run into the room. To say that Dad was shocked would be an understatement. He was floored! I think I even saw a tear or two :)

These sweet puppies have quickly stolen all our hearts. One is Eli and the other Ty. Ty lives in East Tennessee with John Paul so we only get to visit him occasionally. But that sweet Eli just melts our hearts every time we see him.

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