This week in review.... it is Friday. Another week down, 11 more to go until summer break. I'm officially in teacher mode these days. I am praying for Spring break to quickly arrive and then longing for summer break. I have visions of me and the girls at their grandparents' pool every single day in the warm weather. There is a trip to the beach planned and lots of exciting things happening to us personally. Here lately I'm just loaded with emotion.

My sweet husband is taking me here tomorrow night....

For those of you who don't know, this is Harry Connick, Jr. He was my first Jazz love. Before I discovered Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holliday and even Michael Buble (some of my other favorites), I started listening to this handsome guy. His voice and this mastery over the keyboard is unmatched. I am so excited. A nice dinner, a little Harry, a night alone with the hubby. That's a perfect night in my book.

And speaking of the hubby....this gift was a huge surprise. For years, we have not really celebrated Valentine's day. We both always say "oh, Valentine's day is silly." But secretly, deep down inside, I'm really like every other woman in the world. I want someone to declare their undying love to me with a frivolous gift and mushy card. So after I told some girlfriends the other night at supper club how I was not expecting anything this year, my perfect, wonderful husband pulled out all the stops and presented me with these concert tickets. I am so excited!

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