Horrible Pics...Fun Times

These pictures were taken with Erik's camera phone, so the quality is not so great. (My camera battery is on the charging station!)

Erik went to Walmart on Saturday so that I could get some things done around the house. Sometimes it's smarter to send him because I'm more likely to pick up extraneous items that we don't need. Well, this time the story was a little different. He picked up the milk, bread, etc. And then I see it. A bag of kitten food and kitty litter. "What is this?" I ask ever so graciously.

Apparently he worked out a deal with my friend Leslie to arrange for 2 kittens to be dropped off at our house on Sunday. Without consulting with me first!! I'm not mad about it, but let's just say I'm not thrilled. The kittens have turned out to be very calm and sweet--much different from the last kittens we had. I just dread the first month or so when they have to stay inside because it is too dangerous for them to be outside without their mommy. We have too many wild animals and roaming dogs to just let 6 week old kittens run around unsupervised.

The girls are so excited and just love, love them. They can't get enough hugging, kissing and holding them. Like I said, they are very sweet and quite docile. Erik's whole reasoning behind the cat endeavor is that he needs mole eradicators. We have them something awful in our yard. Remember the post where Erik had killed a mole literally with his bare hands? Anyway..we still have them. Lots of them. He hopes these kittens will turn out to be lean, mean, mole-fighting machines. I just hope they last longer than our previous record. I think they longest we've kept kittens/cats is less than 9 months. I'm not sure the girls can handle more kitten disappointment.

Either way, I guess we will enjoy these little cuties as long as we can. Lucky for me, I'm pregnant so I'm on strict no kitty litter orders! Darn!

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