Tickled Blue!

***no pictures yet. Waiting on them to be scanned by Erik***

It's official. We are having a baby boy. What's most important is that he seems to be healthy. All screening during the ultrasound came back perfectly. Thank you Lord Jesus for forming this child in my womb. I feel so blessed to be able to carry him and be his Mommy.

The ultrasound was so much fun. I was so worried the girls would be upset when they found out it was a boy, but they weren't. In fact, they were really excited. We even did a little shopping for him after we left the doctor's office. And all I have to say is that once I start feeling all the baby's moves I'm in for a real adventure. He was all over the place during the ultrasound. I couldn't believe it!

Now comes the hard part....the name. This is going to be a battle I am quite sure. I have a name picked out, but Erik does not like it....AT ALL! I have told him he better come up with a doozie if he wants me to change my mind. I love the name I have chosen. We'll see.

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