Ella turns 7

Ella and her best friend Gracen celebrated their birthdays together again this year. We splurged and had the party at Sweet and Sassy. Oh what fun they had! We had the party at the end of August for fear that baby Jack might make his appearance sooner than later! Luckily he waited and we were able to enjoy a fun day filled with makeup, gliltter and lots of dancing.

The birthday girl

McKenzie, Addie, Ella, Gracen, Ivy, Jessi\

Lane, Abby, Lucy, Andi, Lillian

Baby Maddie was even there

Lucy wanted to get all dolled up but refused to put on a fancy dress. She's so funny!

Lucy and Nanny

Ella and Lucy showing Maddie how to get all dolled up!

Dancing Queen

Ella and Gracen celebrating another birthday together!

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