Prayer for a Little Angel

I've got a big favor to ask.  I know you all are saying big prayers for my Lucy and PLEASE don't stop.  We are really struggling to manage her pain.  But I met someone today who really could use a prayer or two. 

We have been so insanely blessed by the outpouring of love and support from our friends.  I can't begin to thank you all for all the food you've brought.  It's like a grocery store in our room.  And its way more than we could ever eat.  After talking with the nurses we realized that there are so many families on our floor who are so far away from home.  They have no support systems, no family to keep them company, no one to fill in for relief periods.  It absolutely breaks my heart.  I have been so humbled.  Erik and I have so many people here that we have to take turns being in the room.  We have hundreds of people willing to help us with our kids, with Lucy, with money.  Anything we could possibly need we have. 

But this sweet girl that I met does not.  She's a single mom from Arkansas.  She's all alone.  She has a 2 month old baby who has been here since birth.  I don't know her prognosis but baby Briella is going to be here for a very long time.  The mother, Erika, is taking online courses to get her degree, she has a 7 year old she has not seen in 2 months.  LeBonheur has to arrange for sitters just so she can go get toiletries from the store.  She was supposed to go home a few weeks ago to see her family but her sitter fell through and she couldn't. 

If you don't think that will make you count your blessings you're wrong.  I can't believe I am saying that as my baby lays in bed fighting for her life, but God has made me acutely aware of just how fortunate I am.For all of you who have brought food, please know that even if Erik and I did not eat it this young mother is being blessed by your generousity.  I have opened up our "grocery store" to her and she is so appreciative. I am not telling you that to pat myself on the back but rather to thank you on her behalf.

All I am asking is that tonight before you go to bed, add baby Briella and mom Erika to your prayer list.  I know God is listening.

(Lucy update to follow....)
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