Bad Morning

"Stop this train...I want to get off."  This verse from a old song comes to mind this morning.  But instead of a train, it seems to be the world's largest, tallest and longest rollercoaster.

Lucy had a very restless night.  She tossed and turned, moaned throughout her sleep and had horrible pains in her right leg.  Around 6:30 this morning she started vomiting.  Then she started screaming about pain in her head.  A Dr. from neuro sent us down for an immediate head CT.  Erik and I were scared to death, but I knew in my heart that she would be ok.  They read the scan immediately and everything looked great.  As a matter of fact her hydrocephalus had completely disappeared that was present before her surgery.  I hate we had to go through that time of torment this morning but it was so great to hear the good news about the ventricles in her brain. 

She road down in a wagon and actually got comfortable enough to rest for a minute.

 But now she is happy.  Resting peacefully on her Daddy's chest.  It's how its supposed to be.  Erik said he might have to have back surgery after it was over, but he would hold her there for a week if it would make her better. 
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