(Lucy before her shunt surgery yesterday)

That big THANK YOU goes to the friends, family and community members who organized and supported the Bake Sale and Car Wash today.  Oh my Goodness!!!  Final numbers aren't in, but I hear there was a lot of money raised today.  Erik and I are so grateful, humbled and honestly just blown away by the love and support you guys have shown.  Seriously, I just don't know how I will ever begin to thank you all. 

Today is day 25.  25 days since we got the news that turned our lives upside down.  At that very moment Erik and I walked away from our family and normal life to do what any other mother and father would do for their child.  Beds unmade, clothes in the washing machine, bills to be paid, homework undone.  Erik left in the middle of a business meeting with a client and has not looked back since.  Luckily there have been some great people who have stepped up to bat for both of us.  Grandparents, other family members, friends and coworkers all doing what they can to help us get through this.  We desperately want to get back to our home with our family, but we know we are here doing what is best for Lucy.  She does not understand that, nor can she appreciate it right now, but my prayer is that one day when she has her own children she will know that we loved her so much we did everything in the world to provide her the best medical care we could.

And that is where the thank you comes in to play.  Thank you for the financial support that will help pay hospital bills.  Thank you for the contributions that will allow us to have our house deep cleaned on a regular basis, our air ducts cleaned and other maintenance care on our "older" home. 
   (children who have cancer and are undergoing Chemotherapy are at risk of acquiring a dust born fungus called Aspergillis.  It causes a Pneumonia that medicine has a hard time helping.We just want to make sure Lucy stays as clean and healthy as possible!)

As many of you know, I am a stay at home mom.  While it is a very, very rewarding job, the pay stinks!  Erik and I do our best to stick to a budget each month and gas for daily trips to Memphis has never been a part of that.  So, while I have not gone into deep detail about the financials of Lucy's future treatment, I just want you all to know that we greatly appreciate your help.  If I had to sell everything I own...if I had to beg, borrow or steal...I would do whatever it takes to make my baby well.  Just know that you have played a big role in making sure that Lucy has the absolute best medical care available! 

We are planning on being discharged tomorrow morning and then will go to St. Jude for medicine and central line training.  We will be there all day, but hopefully will be sleeping in our own beds by night fall.  We will be back at it on Monday with a full day at St. Jude, preparing to begin radiation on Monday, March 28th.  As much as I dread it and still can hardly stomach the thought, we are ready.  Let's get going and kick the thing in the butt.

Today I had to run an errand so while I was driving down Poplar avenue I turned on K-Love.  It seemed as if every song that came on today was hand-picked for me.  They each spoke to the array of emotions I have been feeling.  Fear, anger, hope, peace.  Each song that came on just spoke to my soul and gave me the strength I was lacking when I woke up this morning.  So, with the windows down and the Christian music turned up high, I had my Sunday morning worship service all alone on a Saturday morning. 

Cast you cares on the Lord and he will sustain you. Psalm 55:22----And that is just what He is doing. 

(Lucy with Ms. Amanda)

And goodnight to everyone.  Sweet dreams from Lucy to you!

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