Consider it Joy

I debated writing this post, but Erik told me I needed to.  The past 24 hours have been pretty wild here, so I have not had a chance to catch up on Facebook or blog comments.  While he was making a Pei Wei run to get Lucy some Honey Chicken (yes, the steroids are packing on the pounds), he read a comment that suggested we keep a record of all the little good things that happen throughout our day.  So, I am going to make a point to do that from now on.

1.  Lucy pooped.  Yes, that's what I said.  Lucy had a BM.  She will be horribly embarrassed by this one day but it was a BIG deal today.  She screamed for almost 4 hours today and was in misery.  So bad that the color was drained from her face, her legs shook and she was nauseated.  Erik was about to come unglued if someone did not do something.  I mean, seriously, they did brain surgery but could not help some constipation.  Eventually,  she got some relief and her whole disposition changed.  It was awesome! 

2.  Lucy got a visit from a therapy dog. 

3.  I opened mail for what seemed like hours and Lucy, Erik and I were inundated by sweet cards from all over the country.  Florida, Missouri, California, Indiana.  We were amazed.  Let me tell you now that I read each and every one of them and wish so badly that i could thank you all personally.  I still have a huge stack to go through and I hope to get to those soon.  I opened one package today and Lucy received this shirt from Luna B. Tee.  It says "God is so much bigger than cancer!"  AMEN!!!!  Thank you to whomever sent this to me.  I love it and I will be ordering one in my size!

4.  My Mom, Dad and Jack came to Memphis tonight to pick up Ella from my sister's house.  They had originally planned to visit us, but I called them off around 3:30 because Lucy was having such a bad day.  After she had the aforementioned BM, she was a little ray of sunshine and I was able to catch my parents and they brought the kids up to visit. 

The picture of Ella and Lucy was extra special to me tonight.  Lucy has given Ella the cold shoulder the last few times she visited.  I was worried Lu was taking out some pent up frustration on her sister.  But all seemed well tonight and I am a happy mom.

5.  Comic relief provided by Erik.  Our window shade fell down and the outside lights are so bright that it had to be fixed.   ***Just because you work at a construction company, does not mean you are an engineer!***

No negativity tonight.  Praising God for a bad day that turned into a peaceful, happy night.  Thank you Jesus for the small blessings. 

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