In Other News

Thanks for a wonderful father-in-law and the power of modern technology I am able to keep up with the things my Ella and Jack have done over the past week.  I know.  I know.  It's only been a week, but it seems so much longer.  A week out of the life of a 5 month old means that you stand the chance of missing a major milestone like sitting up or figuring out how to get from back to stomach.  But we will be home soon and I take solice in that. 

 Erik's sister Cheri had to go home which was so sad.  She was such help to Ella during the first few days.  We know we will see her again soon, but we will miss her like mad.

 We missed Ella's last basketball game.  I was really sad because I missed the one before due to a Lucy vomiting episode like Saturday.  In this last game Ella played defense like a made woman and scored 10 points!
 Jack appears to be changing by the moment.  Oh my arms literally ache when I think about holding him. 

 The best therapy this big sister could have.  We are a little worried about Ella's understanding and anxiety over this issue, but she is in good hands with her grandparents, our friends and her school.  This will all become clear to her soon enough. 
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