It Is Well With My Soul

I will start off by telling you that for 80% of the day, Lucy did wonderful. She was alert, fairly talkative and eager to get out of bed. We took 2 wagon rides and then 1 wheelchair ride. We even rolled outside for some fresh air and picked a yellow flower. That didn't last very long because due to the steroids she is taking she is so sensitive to any outside stimuli that she goes crazy. It was nearly 65 degrees and she was screaming that she was freezing. I hate these steroids.

(another effect of these awful steroids is that she is starting to swell---all over.) Her feet are so fat I doubt her shoes will fit and her little face is so puffy that she does not even look like herself. At St. Jude they call this "moon face." I hope we will be off of these soon, but if they are necessary then a round face is the least of our worries.

She painted for a few minutes......

And then she was done. Believe me when I say she crashed HARD! Our perfectly, wonderful day came to a crashing halt. As I mentioned above the steroids that she is taking make her super irritable and very sensitive to any stimulation. She doesn't even like to watch TV most days. And when she does the volume has to be turned down and she watches for only a very short period of time. Light bothers her and she does not want us talking most of the time. Oh, but when she does want to talk I savor every little word that comes from her sweet little mouth. Everything is almost a whisper and I just bathe myself in her voice. She seems so meek and innocent right now. Such a precious angel.

While she was resting I snuck out to Target. I have two other children to feed and clothe and a Target run was a necessity. It was nice getting out of the hospital today. The weather was nice and as I drove I listened to K-Love and had my own Sunday worship service.

Erik's parents came back into town to help with the Ella and Jack for a few more weeks. No one knows how long they will be staying--we just take things day by day. I'm hoping that fairly soon we will at least be week by week.

My other 2 angels came for a quick visit tonight: 

My mom left Jack's Sunday clothes on so I could see how cute he was.  Ella is always beautiful, so there was no need in keeping her in a smocked dress all day. 

Even though things got hairy at the end of the day, I have to tell you that today was a good day.  Lucy seemed to have made a lot of progress in even a day's time.  Just her attitude alone was so reassuring.  Today I have hope.  Lots of it.  As each day passes I learn to be so thankful for the good days.  I guess eventually I will learn to just survive the bad ones.  But today, if only for today, IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL.

4-Him is one of my favorite Christian groups.  If you were to only own one CD of hymns, I would recommend theirs

Though Satan should buffet,
though trials should come,
let this blest assurance control,
That Christ has regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.

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