It's Going to Be a Good Day

So many people have asked where they might could send a card or care package for Lucy.  Please send them to the following address:
Lucy Krull
c/o Rose Construction
126 Hwy 51 South
Covington, TN  38019

At least it's starting out that way.  Lucy rested well through the night (and so did mommy and daddy).  Her heart rate stayed lower than it had been.  She even at a huge pancake for breakfast.  We have her back on a regular cycle of Morphine until some of her Meningitis clears up.  That process is long, but the worst part, pain wise, should be gone in a few days.  The Infectious Disease doctor just came in and said the IV antibiotic will have to run 2-3 weeks.  Again, this will delay starting her radiation but they are going to get us over to St. Jude ASAP for planning and pre-treatment analysis.  Please pray specifically that God will heal Lucy of the meningitis completely so that we can begin treatment for her cancer.  We don't have a lot of time to waste.

Dr. Boop decided not to do her LP this morning since she did so well last night.  He will be monitoring her headaches today and then will determine if one will be necessary tomorrow or this afternoon.  She played her DS for about 5 minutes and watched about 10 min of TV.  My poor baby just has no stamina.  Just now we went for a ride in a wagon.  She asked to get out of bed and we thought this would be a good distraction.  once again, after a tour of the 2nd floor she was ready to go back to the room and sleep. 

Right now she is getting her central line dressing changed.  It's not a big deal, but she did not like it.  It's like removing a big, big band aid from her delicate little chest.  Erik and I will learn how to do this once we get to St. Jude.  It will have to be done 3 times a week but hopefully it will get easier as time goes on.  It is a very sterile procedure and Erik and Lucy had to wear masks.  It was sort of cute to see.

Lucy is asleep on Erik's chest right now.  Sleeping soundly and Erik is loving it.  For 4 days after surgery he kept saying he wished her could just hold her and make her feel better.  Now he is getting to and they both love it.  All is well at the moment.

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