It's Just So Unpredictable

The thing about Lucy's illness is that its so unpredictable.  Everyone keeps telling me that once treatment begins you have to stay on your toes.  At a moments notice your life can flip upside down with emergency trips to the hospital for something as simple as fever.  We aren't even to that point yet and every moment seems to keep you on your toes.  Lucy did great last night.  Eating, talking and watching TV.  She slept like a rock and even this morning she was feeling good.  On his regular rounds, the neurosurgeon noticed that Lucy's incision was leaking.  He knew immediately that she would have to be resutured and needed an LP (lumbar puncture, or spinal tap).  This meant that Lucy had to be transported to surgery and put to sleep.  Recovering from anesthesia is a battle in itself.  Any time an in incision is made in the spine you open the door for infection.  Well, as luck would have it, we found ourselves headed back to the OR to relieve the buildup of pressure on her spine from leaking spinal fluid.

(even in pain and headed to surgery this angel was smiling)

The procedure went well, but her spinal fluid came back cloudy.  When Dr. Boop came to tell us what that meant we were floored.  It either meant that she had meningitis or the cancer was worse than we thought.  So we waited nervously for a few hours until they came to tell us the results.  Praise God it was only Meningitis.  In what sick, twisted reality is Meningitis a good thing? 

But, as I've said we have a new normal.  A new way of life to adapt to.  While I am thrilled that she is sleeping and eating well tonight, I have to temper my excitement.  As we have learned, things can change in a moment's time.  Such is the way of this mighty beast cancer.

Did I mention that I HATE cancer?  Well, I do.  Seriously.  But this little girl is a Rock Star!  A few hours after surgery, she was up eating a big cookie that her Uncle John Paul gave her.  Man!  I love this little girl.

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