We have a million reasons to be sad.  We could wallow in our own self pity for months to come.  We could be really upset and pout that we did not go home as planned today.  But instead we are giving thanks.  Just as the winds of change seem to constantly be blowing around Lucy's medical condition, so do they with our emotions.  For today, we choose to give thanks for God!

1.  Thanks for the sunshine.  For the first time in 26 days Lucy actually asked to go outside.  It was so nice.  The first thing she said was "I'm not cold."  We took two laps around the hospital and just enjoyed the sun shining down on us.  We enjoyed looking at the trees that are blooming.  This is truly my favorite time of year and I had no idea how much had blossomed in the past month. 

2.  Thankful for time with Jack today.  Erik's Dad brought Jack down for a few hours.  I sat in the floor and played with him for a couple of hours.  We pushed him in the little car up and down the hallways of the 7th floor for what seemed like a million laps.  I didn't care though.  He was having a blast.  I also got to hold him for a little while when he took a cat nap.  As a mom to a newborn/infant you sometimes get caught up in the everyday routines of feeding, diaper changes and naps. Today I absolutely loved changing his diaper and holding him while he slept.  It was pure bliss.  We have also discovered that Jack is good therapy for Lucy.  Her attitude seems to improve ten-fold when he gets here. 

3.  Thankful for family.  Ella spent the day with my parents and brother fishing, playing soccer and playing softball.  She needed some alone time and lots of attention today.  I hate I did not get to see her, but I know she was where she needed to be.  

4.  Thankful for the Wii.  Yes, I know.  I never thought I would say it, but today Mario has been such a blessing.  At home, Erik and Lucy are Wii buddies.  They usually play for about 30 minutes together every day.  There is a huge TV and Wii located in the play room of the 7th floor.  We have been trying to get her to play for a month and she refused.  Today, she asked to play.  We are actually sitting in the play room right now.  She and Erik are playing and I am writing.  It's just like home.  Today I sat in the floor with Jack, Erik and Lucy played Wii and Grandpa just enjoyed watching us all.  For a moment things felt sort-of normal. 

5.  Finally, thankful for every moment spent with this precious gift from God.  Tough times may come our way, but God is still God.  He is merciful and just.  And this little girl is worth fighting for!

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