Asking for Understanding

This time I'm asking for your understanding  I am making a decision that is contrary to everything that goes against my natural tendencies and desires. I have told myself from the beginning that I would one day return each message/comment left on this blog.  I am now realizing that my desire is totally unrealistic as all my time and energy needs to be devoted to Lucy and my family.

This is where I beg your understanding. I have read each and every comment made on my blog. Each and every one has made such a difference and has meant so much to me. I still can't believe that so many strangers and friends would care so much about Lucy and her journey to beat cancer.  And I thank you all for taking the time to send me uplifting and encouraging messages.  BUT...I am going to not be able to respond like I wished.  All the comments will stay on the blog but I am going to delete the reminders in my email inbox that tells me they are there. 

Everytime I open my inbox and see 1026 messages it sends a panic through my body.  It's as if there are 1026 uncompleted tasks in my life right now.  For a type-A person like myself this is sheer torture. 

I will continue to read every comment and hopefully now that I am starting with a fresh slate, I will be able to respond when necessary.  So many of you just want to let me know you are praying for Lucy and my family.  For that I am eternally grateful.  Others have specific requests or questions and I will try my best to respond when I can. 

IF YOU SENT A REQUEST before that needed my attention or an answer, you will need to send the message again.  I hope you understand.

Even still, I beg you to never stop praying for my Lucy.  Her journey has only begun and I am convinced God is hearing the prayers of his children.   What a mighty testimony Lucy will be for Him WHEN he heals her.  That is the Hope, Faith and Belief I am clinging to now.  It's all I've got.

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