Catching Up

I have 3 days of adventures to catch up on.  However, they will have to wait.  I am still not 100% and I am so tired.  Since Lucy can't go to church right now (her ANC # is 300) I hope to get some blogging done in the morning.  She had two days of radiation last week that I have not reported on and we had a wonderful day as a family fishing and enjoying the sun (Lucy stayed out about 1.5 hours and then went inside vomiting due to the effects of the radiation).  Once again I am going to bed so incredibly thankful for a day of great memories made with my family.  Wow!  It was wonderful.

Before I sign off tonight I wanted to share our night time adventure.  We left my parents around 8:00pm.  Lucy started vomiting as soon as we got in the truck.  So we get her out, cleaned her up and drove home with Jack screaming the whole way.  Once we got inside we got them both to bed and I realized (in my super-tired state of mind) that I had forgotten to hook up Lucy's TPN and flush her other line.  So....I cleared my mind and put my nurses' cap on.  I then went to the medicine room and gathered my supplies.

After getting her settled back down, I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and began flossing.  Suddenly, something went flying across the room just barely missing Erik's head.  I knew instantly what had happened.  The crown on my front tooth that had started wiggling while Lucy was in the hospital had come off and I sent it flying with the floss.  Seriously!  Like I have time to be going to the dentist right now.  It's not like I can call in late to work.  St. Jude doesn't really work that way.  And to make matters worse, when the tooth went flying it fell underneath the door jam and settled on the sub flooring.  No joke! is the door jam that was busted apart with a crow bar at 9:00pm tonight.

Here is the crown that went a flying.

And here is what is keeping me together tonight. 

 Geez!  If anyone knows of a dentist who will do a house call on a Sunday, please let me know.  I seriously have no idea how I am going to get this thing repaired.  And let me just put to ease any doubts you might have.  I DO look absolutely ridiculous walking around without my front tooth.  It's so bad that when I was taking the pictures above, Erik calls in "please don't take a picture of yourself like that."  Yep.  It's that bad!

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