Celebrating Easter

Our family celebrated Easter with a day full of wonderful activities.  The most important, however, was the Baptism of my oldest daughter, Ella.  With all that has been going on in our lives recently, we are really proud that Ella had a special day to celebrate such a wonderful life decision.  THE most important decision she will ever make.  She's such a big girl and just absolutely in love with the Lord.  She has been so blessed to have a life filled with people who love her and who have taught her about God. 

Below are pictures of my friend Nicole and her son, John Owen.  Nicole and I have been friends since birth.  She's one of those true, tried friends that will always be a special part of my life.  Nicole and I were baptized together when we were 8 years old.  What a special day to see our children welcomed into the Kingdom of God on the same day. 

Congratulations Ella.  Mommy is so very proud of you. 

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