Erik rode with me today for Lucy's treatments.  She had PT at 9:30 and then our weekely meeting with Dr. K, the world's most wonderful radiologist.  Right now she is back for CT scan, MRI and then RT treatment.  I specifically wanted Erik to be here today because its a day full of waiting.  Waiting is still the hardest part of this whole game. 

One thing that has been on my mind (and nightmares) is whether or not Radiation is actually working.  Last weekend I had this recurring nightmare that after 33 treatments, all of Lucy's tumors were still there.  Since then I have been asking God for a clear audible message that Lucy was going to be ok.  I don't want any room for misunderstandings.  What I really want is a message of Biblical proportions in which God himself comes to me on the street and says "I am going to heal Lucy."  While I know that is probably not going to happen, I am looking and waiting for a verbal affirmation.  I won't go into details, but I think I might have gotten one recently.  I'm still trying to decide if it was God or me just wanting to hear something--making something more than it really is.  Either way, God continues to bless me with a peace that passes all understanding. 

Todays scans are preparing for the boost portion of Lucy's treatment.  This part is really important beacuse this is where they have the most effect on tumor reoccurance.  They will specifically target high doses of radiation to the tumor sights in her head and her back, areas where you would typically expect to see a regeneration in the future.  Between the boost and our constant petitions for complete remission, we expect God to do some great things in Lucy's life.

A part of this process is that whole waiting thing I was talking about.  The way radiation works, it is a cumulative effect that might not be seen to complete fruition until weeks after treatment.  In fact, they will not do a full MRI until 4 weeks after treatment ends.  During RT you can have a lot of swelling that can actually make the tumor look worse rather than better.  Dr. K put it like this; If you cut your hand there is a process that the body goes through to heal it.  At one point it will look red, inflammed and irritated.  Over time, though, it will heal and look like new.  This whole process is even longer in the brain.

So we will wait, in constant prayer and supplication, for the Lord to heal Lucy and her sweet little body.  We will continue to take joy in the little things in life and praise God for everyday we have with all three of our children.  What a blessing they are to us and we feel so overwhelmed with gratitude to be their parents.  Here are some picture of Lucy's day. 

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