A Day of Doctors

Life continues to move along at a steady pace for us these days.  PRAISE GOD!!  I love this boring life we are leading right now.  I'd be lying if I said thoughts of Lucy's impending Chemo don't haunt me everyday.  I get a sick feeling in my tummy every time I think about it.  I quickly put them behind me though when I see how happy our family is when we are at home together.  Each day I am getting extra things done around the house, but mainly spending a lot of time on the floor with Jack.  Lucy is enjoying picking Ella up from school each day and then they spend a lot of time playing in the afternoon. 

Today my Mom kept Jack, I took Ella to the dentist and Erik took Lucy to the Jude for a check-up.  Ella had her upper orthodonics installed and then we ran errands while we were in the "big city."  It was nice spending time with just Ella.  We didn't get to do that very often before Lucy was sick and now our time alone together is almost nonexsistent.  Erik took Lucy and they were able to spend some time alone themselves.  Lucy had a repeat EKG, which was great, and had a visit with Dr. W.  Everyone is so pleased with the progress she has made.  Her eyes are getting better each day and her walking seems to be improving.  We have noticed that when she gets tired she seems to struggle seeing close up.  We were a bit concerned, but Dr. W reassured us that patients suffering from Thiamine defeciency often take months to recuperate.  So, with that being said, we are very, very pleased with where she is now. 

And on another note, not a day passes that I don't stop at some point during the day and thank God that Lucy is not vomiting.  It might seem like a minor detail to some, but to us this has changed the whole ballgame.  It hurts me to say that I had gotten used to carrying Eme-Bags in my purse, diaper bag, the car, her bed, the kitchen table....you get the picture.  We couldn't leave her alone for even a minute for fear she might vomit and choke.  Right now I am happy to report that Erik and I are watching TV and the kids are asleep.  She still won't sleep alone for a long, long time.  She will have one of us with her until this whole deal is over with. 

Last night Ella performed in our church's children's musical.  She had a wonderful time and did so good.  I was so proud of her.  I think that performing suits her well!  She was a dandelion but you would have thought she was Cosette herself from Les Miserables.  The musical was entitled Sermon on the Mound and was about a baseball team and how they, along with their unifroms, put on the full armor of God when playing. 

Praising God for good days.  Continually praying for His healing mercy.

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