Feeling Better

Lucy seems to be feeling better tonight. She has perked up a little and has actually thrown up less today than she has in many days. The only problem is that she is still not absorbing the sodium they are pumping into her little body. We are waiting on the doctors to make their rounds tonight to figure out the game plan. Please keep praying....

Mom is staying with me tonight.  We felt it was important for Erik to be with Ella and Jack, especially in light of Ella's recent anxiety about us being gone.  We had Pei Wei for dinner and decided to have fun with fortune cookies.  We were looking for the one that said "Lucy will be healed quickly" but never found it.  I was really hoping maybe God would send us our sign that way.  The closest we came was something about a bright future.  I am tired and I can't remember what it said.  Oh, well.  I know where my hope comes from and its not in a fortune cookie!

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