First Race....Check!

Well, it's official.  The First Annual Go Lucy Go 5k was a HUGE success.  Over 500 people registered and more than 400 showed up to walk.  Erik and I are so full of gratitude we don't know where to start or even what to say.  Clearly, there are a few people that deserve a special "thank you."

First to my 5 friends who organized the event.  Kudos on a job well done.  For first time race organizers, I'd say you did a darn good job! Also to my other friends who worked behind the scenes helping the day of doing all sorts of tasks.  I know you did this all from your heart and that's what makes it so special. 
Secondly, our hats are off to the sponsors who graciously gave to the LeBonheur Children's Hospital and the Lucy fund.  My hope is that next year we will be able to raise even more money for LeBonheur and that Lucy will be cured of her cancer and we will give 100% of the funds raised to the children of the hospital.  The businesses that supported this race deserve a big round of applause.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thirdly, we just want to say thank you to YOU!  Oh my gosh, people!  Some of you traveled from Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia and all parts of Tennessee.  Wow!  I think my jaw stayed open all day as I looked over the sea of people there to support Lucy and our family.  Many friends from college, past co-workers, family members from out of town and friends from home.  But what amazed me the most were the people I had never seen before.  The smiling faces who seemed honored to be running for Lucy when they had never even met her before.  What beautiful selfless acts of kindness. 

For those of you who were running in spirit, we thank you and hope to see you next year.  Lucy Hannah was so happy Saturday.  She knew that all the people there were there for her.  She thought that was pretty cool.  Once again our debt load of gratitude continues to pile up.  We pray that we have a lifetime to pay it forward, teaching Lucy, Ella and Jack along the way about the graciousness of a small town and a lot of strangers in this seemingly small world.  Our hearts are full.

And without further is the slide show from the race.  (Be sure to go to the bottom of the screen and turn off the music from the blog.)

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