Let's Get Ready to Rumble!!!!!

Not really, but we ARE getting ready to run and walk. 

The Go Lucy Go 5k is tomorrow, benefitting our LeBonheur Children's Hospital and our family.  Lucy will be helping with some of the opening festivities while myself and one or more of my family members will be walking.  I'd love to think I could run it, but that's just not happening.  I've been doing a LOT of sitting lately. 

My heart just explodes when I think about the number of partipants expected to show up.  Over 400 in our first year!  The walk organizers deserve more thanks than I can give and our family feels overwhelmed with gratitude to the sponsors who are supporting the event. 

See you in the morning.  And oh, all you prayer partners out there.  Would you mind sending one up for good weather?  Thanks :)

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