Oh! What a Beautiful Morning

Once again my love for Broadway show tunes rears its ugly head again.  This time I can't help it.  Today has been a wonderful, wonderful day and I just want to shout from the rooftops.  I sing the praises of a blood transfusion.  It changed Lucy like night and day.  She woke up with color in her face, talking and asking for something to drink.  She then proceeded to play the Wii, walk to the bathroom (with little assistance) and eat a bowl of watermelon.  After that she asked to go to school.  I was really nervous about this, but her doctors assured me it would be ok to take her.  We only stayed for about an hour but oh what joy I experienced seeing my baby back in her normal setting.  I cried tears of joy and then tears of sadness.  It was a reminder that she has missed out on such a fun part of a 5-year old's life and that the world has not stopped spinning in order to wait for her to get well.  The children were wonderful to her and just waited at her beck and call.  She was like a little rock star! 

The school is also decorated in honor of Lucy right now.  The Tipton Christian Academy staff and teachers are so wonderful to us and have always taken such great care of our family.  They even presented us with a iPad 2 today.  I was blown away and so excited.  Lucy is playing it with her Daddy right now. 

After school Lucy slept for over 2 hours and then rode her bike a little while.  She even went to watch Ella's softball game and talked everyone's ears off.  So I am exhausted right now.  Being at home today was equally as challenging as being away.  3 kids, one with a set of special needs and me only having 2 hands can leave a mommy feeling a little inadequate.  I think I will go to sleep on the good note of Lucy's wonderful day.  I am so grateful to God for restoring her spirit, if even for a day. 

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