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I want to share an email with all of you who have been prayer warriors on Lucy's behalf.  I received it from a family friend and as I read it I was amazed and taken aback by her ability to convey such an incredible message.  God truly must have been working in her heart (and fingers) as she wrote in painstaking details what He has laid on her heart. 

I share this to receive no accolades on my part, but rather to prove to you what a critical role each of you plays in Lucy's fight to beat her cancer.  You can never stop praying.  Not because I selfishly want your prayers, but because I NEED them.  We need them.  Lucy needs them.  Please read the following with an open heart and I hope that you will be impacted the way I was. 

*****Kate, I try not to write very often b/c I know you are inundated w/ emails and everything else, but I just had to let you know again that I am still holding my arms up with Lucy in them to the Lord!!! It reminds me of the passage in the Bible where, as long as Moses kept his arms held up with the staff of God in his hand, the Israelites prevailed. But when he got so tired of holding them up, his friends, Aaron and Hur, held them up for him! WOW!!! That's you Kate, and Lucy, and Erik! We are all holding Lucy up to the Lord, and you and Erik as well! But we know you and Erik are holding her up too, so when your arms "get tired", we are there for you holding, propping and doing whatever it takes to bring that precious baby thru this!!!!!!!!

Please pardon my paraphrase of Exodus 17:8-5: but in verse 9 it starts out w/, "So Moses said to Joshua, 'Go out and choose men for us'...Kate, you and Erik have been "choosing your men"...(friends, prayer warriors)...all your lives leading up to this event!!! And now it is our turn to do what the Lord has called us to do!It is my privilege to be a part of praying and holding my arms up, w/ Lucy in them, to the Lord!

This passage goes on to say in verse 12, "but Moses' (you and Erik) hands were heavy, so Joshua and Hur supported his arms, one on one side and one on the other, thus his hands were steady". That's why the Lord has put in your lives so many strong, grounded, good Christian friends and family! Some new friends as we all know, and praise God for that, and some old friends, who had no idea that when she prayed you through high school, I'd be praying your daughter through the absolute toughest time of her little life!
And then there's verse 13 "So Joshua overwhelmed Amalek and his people (we both know who the Bible is referring to there) with the edge of the sword!  Girl we are just gonna overwhelm that cancer in Jesus Name!

Now, the one that really is crazy is what verse 14 says; "Then the Lord said to Moses, "Write out a book as a memorial, and recite it to Joshua, that I will utterly blot out the memory of Amalek from under the heaven" in Jesus name girl, God's got this!! I took out the word "Amalek" in that last verse and put "cancer" and we're just gonna claim it in Jesus Name!

AND THEN...Write out a BOOK!  That's what you are doing on your blog! ****

So, that's the paraphrase of her email.  I have to stop and say that I am in NO way comparing myself or any member of my family to the amazing men in the Bible.  I do ask that you take these words at face value and think about how they apply to our lives and the role you play in it.  Do you even understand how important you all are to us?  To the plan God has laid before us?  We are grateful for each of you, those we have met and those around the world that have become champions for Lucy even though you don't know her personally. 

I am making a promise to continue to do my part.  I will keep writing on my blog, allowing each of you to be a part of Lucy's journey, the good and the bad.  Our lives are an open book right now.  We are just asking for you to do your part and continue to lift her and us up in prayer as we go along. 

We are so thankful and humbled that you would want to pray for Lucy and our family.  Many of you will never, ever know us personally but have chosen to love us and pray for us none the less.  What an amazing lesson in humility this has been for us.  There are days when we are too tired, too weak and too full of fear and doubt to pray for ourselves.  Some days the words just won't come.  On those days we are grateful for the prayers of our friends who are filling in the gaps for us.   Together, we make a mighty team.  A force to reckon with.  Our God can and will do mighty things as long as we never take our eyes off of him. 

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