The Week Comes to an End and iCarly

We're outta here!

That's what we were saying around 1:30 today.  Hasta la vista! 

We were pleasantly surprised by Dr. W's decision to let Lucy go home today.  We found out that she could take her vitamin supplement by pill, so we did not have to stick around to receive IV meds.  It is wonderful to be back in our own home tonight.  We spent 4 long, heart-wrenching nights in the hospital during our first week of treatment break.  Not exactly how we had planned things.  Lucy continues to recover, but still has a ways to go. 

I don't know if anyone can fully appreciate how sick she was.  A few more days at the rate she was going and she could have been in a coma, completely without vision.  Seeing your child slowly lose their eyesight, while being fully aware of it, is agonizing.  I told Erik that while we have been dealing with Lucy's inability to walk well over the past 2 months, this was scarier to me than anything.  There are a lot of things you can do to accomodate a child who has trouble walking.  A child, or adult, who loses their eyesight is a different story.  I have to stop thinking about it right now.  It just breaks my heart.  Thank you dear God for continually laying your healing hand on Lucy. 

Lucy seems to improve about 10% everyday.  That means that since we were starting at about 0, it will take roughly 2 weeks (give or take a few days) until she is back to 100% with her vision.  That's ok though.  While we'd love an overnight healing, just seeing the gradual improvement is assurance enough.  Another thing we have noticed is that her walking is starting to improve as well.  There is no way to ever know how much damage her body received while she was depleted from all vitamins.  We are optimistic that her overall health is going to take off once she is replenished with the vitamins and calories she has been without for so long. 

As a great send off from the hosptial, Lucy got to meet the cast of iCarly.  The cast of VicTORIous was also visiting St. Jude.  She was so excited and I was surprised that she knew so many of the characters. 

Before we left we also had a surprise visit from my uncle and his wife from Middle Tennessee. 

Erik and I just want to thank you all for again for your prayers this week.  We are convinced that we witnessed a true miracle in the life of our daugther.  Heaven itself was being stormed with the prayers of believers all over the world.  God heard his children and answered in a mighty way.  We ask that you continue to pray for Lucy and all the other children suffering from childhood illnesses.  My heart is heavy tonight for the families who are in the same, or similar, situation as we are. 

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