Weekend Update

Well, I wouldn't necessarily call this weekend a bust but it sure wasn't what I had hoped it might be.  We were all excited about going to the lake.  Lucy knew that she would not be able to swim, but wanted to go anyway.  I think she wanted to be out of the house as much as we did.  It was our first road trip (2.5) hours since she has been sick and since Jack was 3 months old.  Getting packed took an act of Congress as I was packing for a baby and a sick child.  But none the less, we did it and were on the road early Saturday morning.  The kids did great traveling and we were there before you knew it. 

As we approached the cabin I began to feel the emotions welling up in my chest.  I fought back tears as we drove down the long, winding road to the house.  As you pull up you can see the lake in the background.  It was beautiful with the sun shining off of it.  Once we got inside I started unpacking.  When my mom greeted me I just lost it.  All those emotions came flooding out with sobs of tears.  It was so hard to put into words what I was feeling but luckily for me my whole family feels what I feel.  I didn't have to explain anything.  My mom just held me while I cried. 

The weather was really nice.  The wind was blowing so it was not too uncomfortable.  We thought Lucy would enjoy a boat ride but every time we took her out she almost instantly shut down.  It was like turning off a switch.  Sensory overload in an extreme state.  She slept the whole time we were on the water both days. 

It was hard knowing what to do.  She wanted to be with everyone, even asked to go on the boat.  But we still struggled with making the right decision.  Ella deserved to be out having fun, but Lucy needed to take it easy.  I think all in all it worked out fine, as Lucy didn't seem to mind sleeping on the boat and was in a great mood once we got back to the cabin.  She asked to come home Sunday night, so we made a mad dash to pack up the truck (and the truck load of stuff we brought with us) and came home.  We got home late, but it was so worth it to be home this morning and for Lucy to be in her house all day.  Home is safe to her and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

We did manage to have a little but of fun at the lake though...

And the tonight we were able to eat dinner with our friends while the kiddos swam.  Again, I worried how Lucy would do but she did great.  She took her water gun and shot all the kids while they swam.  I've said it before but God has given her such a wonderful spirit throughout this whole ordeal.  I pray that her understanding lasts longer than her illness.  As God is healing her in a mighty way I believe that she will grow to be wise beyond her years.  She already is actually. 

Tonight I am so thankful for a wonderful weekend with my family and friends.  The countdown has begun for the start of Chemo.  The dread grows stronger each and every day but I am constantly reminded of how very blessed we have been throughout this whole ordeal.  Lucy has had a rough go of it with many touch and go moments but through it all God has been our rock.  Our very present help in trouble.  So many kids have not had the turn arounds that Lucy has had.  So many children are suffering yet today.  Praise God for His blessings.  Praise God for His mercies. 

We have all started praying that chemo will not be bad for Lucy.  Some kids actually do really well with chemo.  Many aren't sick like you imagine being while undergoing such harsh therapy.  I pray that she is one of those children.  I pray every single day, many times a day.  Will you do the same?  Our thanks in advance.