Chemo Day Minus 1

Today is Lucy's day of rest.  And that is what she is doing.

No Chemo, no recovery drugs.  Only a little antiemetic to keep her feeling good.  Some mothers have said that children will sleep up to 20 hours on this day.  We will see.  We did get some good book reading in this morning.  We read 5 books on the couch, including her favorite "The Very Hungry Catepillar." 

God came through bigtime for us today.  We move into the Target House tomorrow at 2:30.  I am so grateful for this answered prayer.  I needed this stability in my life right now.  I am trying to prepare myself to live day by day for the next 4 months, but having a secure place to lay our heads at night makes this a little easier.  I would never make it as a nomad. 

Last night I got some really good snuggle time in with my baby girl...

And so did one of her favorite people....

Ella and Jack are coming for a visit today.  I can't wait.  I miss them so much. 

Our prayer for the next few weeks will be that her counts will rise quickly after they hit zero and that she will remain fever and infection free. 
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