End of Day 1

I can honestly say that little Miss Lucy proved her true colors once again today.  She came through her first day of Chemo, supposedly the hardest day by far, with flying colors.  She only vomited 6 of 7 times all day and only had a little touch of an upset tummy.  We had prepared ourselves for the worse and ended up elated with her "performance."  She stayed fairly loopy from the anti-emetics, but other than that she was her normal self.  A little bossy, but hey!  She deserves to be in my opinion. 

The Cysplatin ran for 6 hours and after that she was freed up from the bed.  We sat up and played Toy Story Dominoes, Cooties and worked with a sticker book.  She has to have a bath once or twice a day, so that was next on the agenda.  While she was wrapped up in her heated towels and heated blankets, I did her line dressing change.  She is now wrapped up tightly in the bed watching "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids."  (And oldie but goodie.)

Tonight I am filled with gratitude as I think about how well Lucy did today.  God continues to answer our prayers and his angels must have been holding our Lucy in their arms.  She did wonderful and I feel so confident that today we are one step closer to a well child.  She has 2 more days of Chemo meds, so please continue to pray that she will respond as well as she did today.  We serve and awesome God and tonight I am so proud to be His child!

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