We were at the hospital around 7 this morning.  Darn fever!  It was in this moment that I realized how important it was for us to be at the Target House.  I had been watching her temp closely all night.  I think I checked it every hour to an hour and a half.  She stayed in the upper 99's all night and was generally just restless and uncomfortable.  She can't have Tylenol, so I just held her and tried to keep her comfortable.  Let's just say momma didn't sleep much either.

By 6:45 her temp had hit 100.4, the magic number.  I got up, threw my computer and iPad in my bag, grabbed my phone, managed to brush my teeth and ran out the door.  I didn't wash my face or brush my hair.  Thank goodness this short hair is growing out and I can put it in a ponytail.  So, we have been sitting in B Clinic since we got here.  She has had a dose of Vancomycin, a catch-all that hits the body pretty hard and one other antibiotic that I did not catch the name of.  We are waiting on a room. 

Her fever broke on its own and is now 98.2.  Geez!  Even still, we are here for the long-haul.  Probably a week.  Even if she doesn't run a fever again, we are still here until her counts rise above 500.  I prayed last night that God would let his fever pass, but that if the hospital was the safest place for Lucy we would accept that.  I guess He felt she needed to be here and we are just going to be thankful we have a safe place to rest.  This is all part of the process.  We just have to roll with the punches--good and bad.

We are about to move to our room now.  I will update later today. 

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