For the Scrapblog

Humor me with this post.  It's just a few pictures from the race that I wanted to remember.  I obviously can't print the slideshow when I print my 2011 scrapbook, so I wanted to make sure there were a few still pictures for us to view. 

Before I finish, I wanted to share this about Ella.  Erik and I have always known that she liked to run.  Really, really likes to run.  After her soccer games she will often just run around the complex for the fun of it.  Well, she proved herself to everyone at this race.  There were approximately 50 kids running and Ella came in 5th overall and was the first girl to cross the finish line.  The sheer determination on her face in the last picture said it all.  I was so proud of her that I just cried watching her finish with such passion!

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