Late Night Update

Today was rather uneventful.  Lucy slept until around 2:00, I had lunch with my friend Sarah and Amanda and my Dad came for a visit.  Lu was supposed to receive her second dose of Vincrystin today, but they had to postpone it for a couple of reasons.  They should be able to give it to her tomorrow though.  She took a couple of walks around the floor today which was great exercise for her.  I often worry about her little muscles (what little she has) wasting away to nothing while she spends so much time in the bed. 

(Lucy and my Dad)

Tonight we spent time on the couch playing Toy Story Dominoes, Toy Story Match and, of course, Candyland (her favorite)! 

The hot chocolate cart came by during game time, too!  What a treat for me. 

Right now there are fireworks doing off downtown.  I'm not sure who is doing them or why they are doing them on the 30th, but either way they are pretty to watch.  It makes me sad to think that we will spend the 4th in the hospital.  We are usually at the lake on the 4th watching fireworks with countless others who take in the breathtaking spectacle.  I look forward to many years of fireworks to come with 3 healthy kids and a wonderful husband!

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