Oops and Great News

So sorry about the crazy letters that appeared on my blog last night.  I have NO idea what happened.  I posted our news about the scans from my phone, but all that posted was gibberish.  So....

Lucy got a wonderful report from her scans.  Here are the 5 things that the doctor told us:
1.  No new tumor growth
2. No growth of the old tumors
3. Spine looked even better than the scans 2 weeks ago
4.  No cancer cells in her spinal fluid
5.  Thalamus has returned to normal (following the vitamin deficiency)

We were singing loud Hallelujahs last night.  Did you hear us?  Thank you all for your prayers yesterday.  While the waiting was hard, we took comfort in knowing that God's throne was being bombarded with prayers for our sweet Lucy.

Great Scans = Great God!

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