Playing Catch Up and Our Crazy Life

I realize that was a rather long title for this blog post, but it is the state of our lives right now.  Just trying to stay ahead seems to be an impossible feat while things get busier and busier each day.  As Lucy's inpatient stay draws near, I am in hyper-drive as I try to get my house cleaned and organized, clothes labeled and sorted, closets cleaned, etc, etc.  The next 4 months will be fairly unpredictable and I'd like to be ahead of the game going into it all.  I've let a lot of things go lately, but my OCD is starting to kick back into full swing.

I have 3 half-written blog posts, 4 major events of pictures to post and I still have not printed my 2010 blog book because I have pictures still from 2010 to post.  As this is all clearly on the bottom of my priority list I will just have to get to it when I can.  I hope you will all be patient as I try to keep this blog updated while not neglecting my duties at home.  There is still dinner to prepare, laundry to clean, swim team and golf lessons.  Well, you know.  All the things you guys are doing everyday.  I just have a sick child in the mix.

Who, by the way, it totally rocking!  I can't even begin to explain how well she is doing.  She is a walking machine.  She is becoming so independent and her personality has really started to reappear.  She is so full of life.  It makes us so happy to see her becoming her "old" self again.  God is so good!

This past weekend we made a trip to East Tennessee with our friends the Williams.  5 kids, 4 adults, a rented cabin and 3 nights of the most beautiful mountain setting imaginable.  I have so many pictures of our trip and I can't wait to share some of the stories.  I hope to work on that tomorrow since we will be at the Jude from 7:30-5:00pm.  Lucy has non-stop appointments, many in 30-minute increments.  Poor baby!

Here are a few pictures of the past few days around our house.  Life as usual....

I love these last two pictures.  Seeing Lucy on the swing and enjoying her time of the see-saw makes me long for a summer of innocence for my baby girl.  One where our only cares in the world were how many hours we could log playing in the swing set or swimming.  We are holding clinging to the belief that God is going to heal Lucy in a mighty way and that next summer we will be back to lazy and carefree days. 

But until then, we have a mission to accomplish.  One that starts again at 5:00am for me.  I'll write more when I can.  Please, never, ever stop praying.

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