Restful Day

Just as I expected, Lucy has slept most of the day.  Her body is run down and she feels just yucky.  Erik came down and I went to the Target House to gather our things for the next few days.  I was able to take a shower and for that EVERYONE is thankful.  Now we just wait.  They took cultures of her blood and let me do cultures of her nose and bottom today.  They will let those sit in the lab for 48 hours and we just pray that nothing grows.  Most fevers during low ANC are never attributed to anything specific.  It's usually just par for the course.  However, every now and then true infections can set in and things get tricky.  We are just going to pray, pray, pray that everything stays uneventful around here for Lucy.

The source of contention for her is her mouth.  The oral mucositis that had reared its ugly head during irradiation has returned.  She can hardly swallow and her throat is raw and sore.  She won't even swallow her saliva, which is as thick and sticky as glue.  We have a suction in our room that she is learning to use.  The worst part is that she gags on it and then starts vomiting.  Once her ANC starts to rise, the symptoms should subside. 

While I am here this week, I am going to try to finish updating pictures from 2010 so I can print my blog book for last year.  I've got a lot of catching up to do.  The hot chocolate/coffee cart just came by so I am going to work with my hot chocolate in hand.  This is the part of the evening I look forward to the most.  Volunteers come around with the cart each night and it is such a nice gesture. 

Since I can't have a post without pictures, here are some that I had taken with my phone that I wanted to post. 
 Ella and Lucy at the top of Laurel Falls

 Jack asleep in the exersaucer

How cute is this chunky monkey in his carseat?

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