Stem Cell Transplant Day Zero

(Lucy was not happy about having to be hooked up to the heart monitor for 4 hours today)

In a rather uneventful turn of events, Lucy received her stem cells on Friday around 11:00am.  The whole process had been hyped up pretty good so we were rather anxious the whole morning.  Neither of us even wanted to go down stairs for breakfast in case they were to start early or something.  The biggest thing we knew to expect was that Lu might have some reaction to the preservative used to freeze her stem cells, Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO).  It is said to leave a horrible taste in your mouth that resembles garlic and the stench that oozes from her pores is not any better.  It smells like creamed corn.  Canned creamed corn.   Weird, I know. 

Almost immediately, as they began to push her cells in, she started vomiting.  Luckily it was not a horrible episode but she did complain of a bad taste in her mouth.  Her heart raced for the rest of the day, prompting an EKG, a UA and blood work.  Thankfully everything turned out ok and the docs assumed the rapid rate was just her body's reaction to the cells. 

Here are some pictures of the day. 

(these are the actual stem cells)

(they are administering the cells with a syringe that looks like a turkey baster!)

One round down, three more to go!

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