Lucy is not feeling well right now.  Struggling with nausea.  Just got a dose of Phenergren to help her rest.  Her face is really flushed and she is very restless.  She is watching Dr. Suess right now but I'm hoping the meds are gonna knock her out soon.  She really needs to sleep.

I walked a mile last night.  11 laps around the BMT floor.  It felt great to be moving and it helped to clear my head.  I hope to do it again today.  Maybe twice.

Our litle friend Sophia passed away this morning.  I am mourning for her mother, her daddy and her siblings.  Please pray for them today.

Just found out we are assigned to Target House, but we are on the waiting list.  I have no idea how long we will be waiting.  They want to put us in Grizzlies temporarily but I won't have access to a kitchen there.  I'm making calls today to figure out what to do.  I just want to make this as easy as possible for all my family. It sucks.

Lucy is asleep now.  I am going to sleep, too. 

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