Lucy's ANC dropped again last night.  She's at 100 now.  I was in tears by 7:30 this morning.  I don't understand what's going on and it is so very frustrating.  Everyone, including the docs were almost positive we would be out of here by today.  We are waiting on the docs to make their rounds and try to give us some idea of what is happening to Lucy's cells.  Please say a prayer today that things would turn around for her and her cells would start to come back in.  We both feel like caged animals here and I've been fortunate enough to get out.  My poor baby girl has been in the room for over a week now. 


After Lucy gets out of the bath we wrap her tight in warm towels, blankets or a heating pad.  She is a like a newborn in a lot of ways.  One in that she has a hard time regulating her body temperature.  Being outside for just 2 minutes is enough to make her miserable and getting out of the bathtub sends her into a freezing fit.  We have to do her dressing changes 3 times a week, so we let her get nice and toasty before we start.  She's such a funny girl!

And here's a gratuitous picture of Jack....just because he is so darn cute..

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