A Few Thoughts

Another day down.  Lucy is such a rock star.  She had another injection today of GCSF.  Erik took her and said she screamed for 5 minutes.  As soon as it was over, she stopped and said "that didn't hurt, it just scared me."  Poor girl.  After this round, we will go back to IV, but as I said it is a necessity right now.  Last round she ran the fever on Monday night/Tuesday morning.  We are praying to make it longer this time.  We know that there is a 99.9% chance she will get a fever at some point, but each day we are outpatient is such a blessing.

Erik had to go home tonight so that he could return to work tomorrow.  Amanda is with me tonight and my mom will be staying for the next couple of nights (I hope...).  I so enjoy having adult company.  The conversation is so nice. 

I am in major loathing of my sister and Amanda right now.  I absolutely swore that I would NOT get involved with Pinterest.  I had done great at avoiding the situation for the past few weeks.  Then tonight....well, let's just say I'm hooked.  I HATE this stupid website that has, almost effortlessly, created an addict in less than 30 minutes.  Jack's first birthday is coming up and I am making a board of DIY projects for his Pirate theme party.  The reality is that I won't get anything done, but I want to have a sweet, small party for him just the same.  Anyway....I hate and love Pinterest all in the same breath. 

Thank you for your prayers for Lucy.  I can't believe that by October, if the good Lord allows, this will all be a nightmare that we have finally woken up from.  I'm ready for my baby to be a child again.  We will start homeschooling soon, but I can't wait for her to join her Kindergarten class at the best little Christian around!  She got a backpack today and was so very excited.  She deserves to be a 5 year old. 
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