It's Been A Day

(All the cool kids wear masks)

Yes, it's been quite a day around here.  Lucy had another horrible night last night.  She was up 6 times.  3 vomiting and 3 for the bathroom.  I adminstered IV antibiotics in the middle of the night and took an hour.  Needless to say we were all thankful to sleep in a little late this morning.  After we had been up for about an hour or so, Amanda noticed something different about the bulb of Lucy's shunt.  It had completely inverted.  I absolutely freaked out.  I sent a text out to our neurosurgeon's assistant and within 15 minutes Xrays and a CT Scan had been ordered.  We made a mad dash to get dressed and showered and headed to St. Jude.  My stomach stayed in knots for hours as we waited on the results.  Her shunt had corrected itself, but I knew that what I saw was not normal. 

Around 4:00 this afternoon we got the call that everything looked ok---Praise the Lord!!!  We still don't have an explanation and can't explain the forceful, almost violent vomiting in the middle of the night.  Luckily we will get to see our Neurosurgeon on Thursday and I look forward to getting some answers.  Please say an extra prayer tonight that we won't have any more problems with her shunt.  I've aways been scared of it for some reason and today's incident did not help.  If she were to need surgery to correct any kind of malfunction it would be so dangerous right now.  With her immune system so compromised right now, she would not have the ability to fight off any germs she might pick up in a hospital or in the OR.  Ugh...I can't even think about it. 

"God, please protect my sweet baby girl.  She is already going through so much." 
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