Last Day of Fever

Since I am behind on posting, I thought I would start from our last days of our inpatient stay from her 30 minutes of fever (which bought us a stay for 11 days).  She was so wonderful during our time here and never once asked when she was going home.  I think she is beginning to like this place!  Especially since she has discovered that the Child Life Specialists and the volunteers will bring her art projects to do around the clock.  Since she felt so well, she was out of the bed the majority of each day.  She discovered and I loved watching her play the educational games on the website.  Another interesting change has been her love for physical therapy.  She loves to do PT with Mrs. Leigh, but has fought doing PT at St. Jude from the very beginning.  Something has changed and now she can't wait.  Here are some pictures from our last PT session.  I think they speak for themselves...especially the one in which the ball hit me smack-dab in the lens at just the right time!

I also wanted to share another piece of art work that I think is amazing.  A montessori school created this oragami project of 1000 cranes.  If you read the plaque it says that making 1000 oragami things allows you to make one wish.  A little boy's class did this project and when the odds were stacked against him after 4 bone marrow transplants, he pulled through and survived (as told to me by a nurse last night).  I know that it was not some ancient proverb, but rather God who healed that little boy.  But neverless, I think it is a neat story of love and dedication from this little boy's friends. 

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