Quick Update

Exhausted.  That's the word to describe how everyone here feels tonight.  Lucy passed out (almost literally) around 6 after a round of vomiting.  She had a rough morning but picked up some energy around noon and pushed herself until she fell asleep.  Ella and Jack came down again today so Erik and I both got to spend some time visiting with them.  Thank to Erik's parents and sister for making that happen. 

The line nurse came in today and declared that Lucy's infection is healing nicely.  Praise God!  That central line makes me nervous as it is but I was a nervous wreck worrying about an infection.  That could have been a real nasty issue.  She is still on the heavy antibiotic and will stay on it for a week or so. 

Tomorrow marks the last day of round two.  We are so very thankful for a relatively uneventful second course.  God continues to bless our family and we are ever so grateful.  We have faith that every day He is laying His healing hand upon Lulu.  She will receive her stem cells tomorrow at 1:30.  We will wait a few hours then, good Lord willing, we will be discharged to the Target House.  The doctors are pleased that she has not ran a fever since Tuesday, so as long as we don't have one in the next 20 hours or so we will be able to leave.  If she does spike a fever, for any reason, we will be inpatient for up to two weeks.  We are PRAYING HARD!!!!!

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