Sunday and the 4th of July

Sunday morning my parents left to go to the hospital so that Erik could come home for a few hours for us to spend some time together.  Erik got home around 10:30 and went back around 4.  It was so nice having him home for a few hours.  Ella soaked up every minute with him.  Our friends and next door neighbors, the Dunavants, came over for lunch and we sat and talked for almost 2 hours.  It was wonderful having adult conversation.  I don't get a lot of that in the hospital.  Erik did a little yard work and then it was time for him to head back down.  I took the kids swimming again Sunday night and then ate dinner at my parents.  While they were with Lucy I think they read about 50 books.  No exaggeration!  They read books ALL DAY LONG.

Jack had another bad night so I was pretty tired when he woke up for good at 7. Then I looked in his mouth and saw 2 little teeth.  His upper two teeth had come in through the night.  Explains why he did not sleep well the past few nights.  He has gotten 4 teeth in a months' time.  Poor little guy!  I loaded up Jack and Ella pretty early and we headed to my parents.  The Dunavants joined us at the pool for about 2 hours and then my sister, her husband and Maddie came over.  We swam, grilled chicken and spent time visiting as a family.  Here are some pictures of the highlights:

 (Ella with Uncle T)

(There may have been one or two times, but there have been few 4th of July weekends that we have not spent at the lake.  This view of the pond had to suffice.  My parents have worked hard to make their backyard look nice, so it was a beautiful view none the less.  I am holding on to hope and my belief that God is going to heal Lucy and we will be at the lake next 4th of July watching fireworks and riding in the boat!)

My time on the computer is running short, as Lucy needs my attention.  I just want to say thank you to all the men and women serving in the military who fight for my freedom everyday.  We live in a wonderful country and today I am even more aware of the sacrifice you all are making.  I am also acutely aware of the sacrifice that the families of our servicemen and women make everyday.  Moms and Dads who don't see their wives, husbands and children for a whole year.  It just rips my heart.  Thank you for your sacrifice. 

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