Super Quick Report

In an unanticipated turn of events, we have been home for a few days.  Home, like our REAL home, not Target house.  We have been soaking up every minute of it, too.  I will not be posting much until we go back into the hospital on Sunday.  While we are enjoying our time here, life has not stopped.  There is still so much to do here.  Anticipating being gone for most of the next 4 weeks leaves me with an unsettling feeling and a very long to-do list.

Apheresis did not go well yesterday and we she will have to undergo the procedure again next month. I will write more about it hopefully tonight or tomorrow because I want to remember the feelings of that day.  I am sick to my stomach just thinking about my sweet Lulu having to go through it again.  All that being said, God continues to bless her and our family as we watch her getting stronger each and every day.  We have full faith that God is healing Lucy and we praise Him for that. 

Signing off...hear a baby crying.  And what a beautiful sound it is to this momma's ears. 
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