Weekend Wrap Up

Friday afternoon, Erik came down to Memphis so that I could go home to be with Ella and Jack for a few days.  It was so hard leaving Lucy and I spent most of the weekend with a huge knot in my stomach.  I knew that she was in great, wonderful hands, but I still felt the tug at my heart that I should have been with Lu. 

By the time I got home Friday, I had just enough time to eat tacos with my parents and then I got the kiddos home for bed.  Jack woke up 2 times in the night and then for good at 7.  After Ella woke up we hit the ground running!  I took Jack to my mom's and Ella and I went to get a mani-pedi.  The owners of a local salon had presented us all with a gift certificate not long ago.  Ella had been so anxious to go to the "spa."

I'm pretty sure I've created a monster!  She is already asking to go back.  We also had to get some boots for horse camp.  She is more excited about horse camp than I've ever seen her before.  I hope she has a great time this week. 

My sister and Maddie came up to play Saturday afternoon.  We swam at my mom and dad's and then we all went to eat at my favorite local Mexican restaurant.  There have been many days sitting in the hospital that I have craved Margaritas chips and dip! 

After dinner on Saturday night my Dad took Ella and I to our church's fireworks presentation.  It's only their second year to put on the community program.  It was wonderful! The fireworks were great and it is a fantastic opportunity to bring in unchurched people from the community.  Those that worked hard to organize the event deserve a big pat on the back!

Once we got home, I was exhausted! Some friends in our neighborhood were shooting fireworks so Ella ran out to join them while I put Jack to bed.  Jack had another rough night but Ella slept like a log!   I had a wonderful day at home, but I missed Lucy desperately. 

The other thing I realized was that even though I was at my house it did not reel like home.  I missed Erik like mad and wanted more than anything for him and Lucy to be there with us.  I know it might sound cliche, but I think we could have been in a hotel room, all 5 of us together, and it felt more like home than the 3 of us alone in our actual house.  Hopefully soon.....

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