Today I turned 34.

I often tell people that the past 5 months have aged me at least 10 years.  But honestly, I don't feel a day over 25.  Really, I don't.  Even the heavy burden I carry everyday doesn't seem to be taking its toll too badly.

Anyway, today is my Birthday.

Bittersweet and wonderful all at once.

I miss my family, I hate cancer and life is going on full speed ahead without me. 

But I still have 3 beautifully perfect children, the most wonderful husband in all the world, fantastic friends who love me to death and the greatest family (mine and Erik's) that God has ever created. 

Today I will spend the day with my children, my friends and my family.  What more could I want?  I'll have everything that is important to me all in one place.  God is good. 

Today is going to be the perfect day. 
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